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Our Approach

The natural evolution for SEMA Wireless was to bring together experience, industry relationships, and resources to create the Consulting Services Group. SEMA Wireless' Consulting Services Division augments customer internal teams and assists customers by providing Subject Matter Experts (SME's) to educate and assist with the process of providing "best fit" Mobility solutions for venues from ground up through continued updates, improvements, and maintenance. SEMA Wireless' goal is to be the trusted partner to the customer.

Integrating SEMA Wireless' services early in the process ensures customers receive better information for telecommunication industry solutions and legal processes, more accurate budgeting and detailed scheduling information earlier in the process. SEMA Wireless has proven capability and expertise in Design, Planning, Construction Services, System Performance and Maintenance. Consistently proving SEMA Wireless' ability to (1) Define the needs of the project, (2) Provide a detailed comparison and analysis of the available technology solutions, and (3) Demonstrate understanding of the Construction Process.